Who we are


To satisfy our clients.
To create and distribute our products world-wide; products that are the result of our passion and the knowledge acquired over the course of our company’s history.
Innovation... again



Since 1973 Acerbis colours and protects the world of two wheels. Plastics, protections, clothing, helmets, boots and all other accessories become indispensable tools for a motorcyclist to better enjoy their passion.
Acerbis is driven by a philosophy of racing, but has a goal to create products to benefit motorcyclists on a daily basis.
It’s an Italian company that is known on a global scale and has written the history of the off-road world.



Plastic, protections, clothing, helmets, boots and all those accessories that are indispensible to a motorcyclist in order to enjoy an activity to the full. Racing becomes a philosophy of life, the final mission is undertaken every day.

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